27th July 2017

amature film

zoom shot

of character one sitting at a desk reading character twos marks

follow shot in front of the character

character two walking through the huge room towards one character reading his mark in a large room  building tension

stationary shot

one character stares at the other with a blank expression. building more tension

follow shot  stationery one character standing up with the others grade

3x side shot head height close up of the character talking to each other

follow shot. of one character following the other with the threatening manner

these shots create tension

in the film one of the characters shows the other his grade, he doesn’t believe that this is possible because he has a  genetic defect. this is when he shouts “impossible you have a genetic defect, you are dyslexic” this shows that he has the idea that anyone that has the odds stacked against him cannot achieve what he wants. in conclusion character one believes what he is told and doesn’t go against it the way one character stands up without anything telling him that he was there tells  the viewer that he was expecting his brother.                       they are in a large room with just them this this shows that anything could happen and no one would know.      the jump shots of the character’s getting closer creates tension  and imminent collision.

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