• The book starts with a man named montage carrying out his daily job burning books.

the great python spitting kerosene among the world” (the python is the backpack mounted kerosene sprayer)

“his hand where the hands of an amazing conductor playing symphonies  of blazing and burning to bring down the tatters and charcoal ruins of history”

  • He walks home and finds a strange girl who asks questions rather than talk nonsense like everyone else.

strange a long time ago I hear that fire men used to put out fires rather than start them” He thinks this is nonsense but we later learn that history has been whitewashed.

  • She walks with him to and from work every day while she talks to him about deep questions

are you happy Montag?” She asks him this question. He immediately says hes happy but the more he thinks about it the more he realises that he is not happy.

  • Montag’s wife attempts suicide

got to clean them both ways” Here the operator whose job it was to operate the machines that pump the stomachs of people who have attempted suicide was shown to have the attitude of a plumber.

  • Montage is in the fire house watching the mechanical dog

montage touched the muzzle it growls” the hound has a chemical compound of all of the firmen so it knows not to attack them but something has changed with montage.

  • The 451 crew are hailed to a house as they start to burn it down the home owner refuses to leave

the women replied quietly “i want to stay here” Montag does not feel that it was morally correct to let the women burn in the building and decides to stay home.

“Beatty raised his hand in which was an consealed the igniter “where due back at the house besides these fanatics always try suicide; the pattern’s familiar”


every fire man sooner or later hits this they only need understanding to know how the wheels run.”

  • Beatty comes to Montag’s house to explain the history of the firemen
  • Montage goes to Faber an old literary  professor to make sense of what he is reading

may I” Faber asks if he can see Montages stolen copy of the bible.

  • Montag hatches his plan to faber

we can print extra copies of the bible”

  • Faber initially refuses


  • Montag goes home and shows his wife’s friends a book

once a year a fire man is allowed to take one book home isn’t that right montage?”

Montage goes back to Beatty to give him the book

“then in the twentieth century speed up your camera books are cut shorter condensations digests tabloids every thing boils down to the gag the snap ending

here comes a man who in all languages is called a fool” hands out turned montage handed over the book.

  • The alarm is rung and the fire men rush out when they get to their destination montage realises its his house

“but, but this is my house”

  • Montage turned to burn Beatty

“beete jumped and hauled and rolled around till he was nothing but a skeleton held together by ligaments”

  • A bunch of teenagers turn and accelerate to run him over

“the police beatle turn to him head lights beaming. the car starts to accelerate touching incredible speed montage jumped and evaded the car kids howled in the car as it zoomed past”

  • Montag tells Faber what to do

‘burn every thing i have touched the rug and the chair rub the door nobs with alcohol turn the sprinklers on to full” 

Montage reaches the river

“He touched it, just to be sure it was real. He waded in and stripped in darkness to the skin, splashing his body arms and legs with liquor”









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