intro define a dystopia and explain which features your essay will explore 1 parlour 2 seashells 3 hound weapon of fear 4 fireman instrument of fear 5 drone breach f privacy 6 nuclear weapons   a means on total destruction\

Dystopian futures usually have some sort of technology controlling the population and fahrenheit 451 is no different. The government pumps its population full of fake or numbed information through the virtual reality with the parlors which are essentially rooms but every wall is a top to bottom screen  screen so everywhere you look you are […]

The book starts with a man named montage carrying out his daily job burning books. “the great python spitting kerosene among the world” (the python is the backpack mounted kerosene sprayer) He walks home and finds a strange girl who asks questions rather than talk nonsense like everyone else. “strange a long time ago I hear […]



“He tilted his head back in the rain just for a few moments and opened his mouth”   This show the girl has an influence on montag and that he is beginning to realize what she is meaning pg 24 “got to clean them both ways” Here the operator whose job it was to operate […]

  Its efficient not formal, we know its not been adapted for adults because when we see them attempted to use it  we find it unusual. Actual quotes Language technique Explanation idfk Abbreviation The first letter of each word that are frequently used in that sequence idc “                                       “ “                                     ‘ u Homophone Sound the […]

toby- anyone know the tv show host called Oprah? she’s staying over th road and my sister and her friends are taking my ghillie suit and sneaking over there. tom- i heard about that toby- idfk what they’re gonna do, but idc tom- are they actually using the ghillie suit for cammo or just for […]