idea a disease has slowed the growth in brains and the cure to get back to the regular growth is only reserved for the rich. so alternate more risky options have arisen. we follow the protagonist as he tries to apply for a job after taking the risky option.   shot list far away shot […]

close shot high angle camera shot this is a id profile at gatica. this shows how people that are test tube babies are “valid” accepted into society and “invalid” are not this is inequality. this photo shows a login to a blog. after getting through the logging you are presented with   info that is […]

intro define a dystopia and explain which features your essay will explore 1 parlour 2 seashells 3 hound weapon of fear 4 fireman instrument of fear 5 drone breach f privacy 6 nuclear weapons   a means on total destruction\

The text “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury is set in a dystopian America constantly threatened by war. And the population tricked into thinking there is nothing wrong and that they are happy. The government achieves this by using the parlor, seashells, the mechanical hound, firemen, drones and the constant threat of war.  In this essay […]

The book starts with a man named montage carrying out his daily job burning books. “the great python spitting kerosene among the world” (the python is the backpack mounted kerosene sprayer) He walks home and finds a strange girl who asks questions rather than talk nonsense like everyone else. “strange a long time ago I hear […]