1 explain of the experiences of one character in the text fahrenheit 451 the main character Guy Montag experiences things that influences his actions throughout the text this includes his interactions with a girl named Clarisse, finding and old professor named faber, killing his boss beete and finding the tramps in the woods At the […]

Imagine your life saving medicine that you take every day  gets marked up in price %5000 overnight for the only reason that a greedy millionaire Martin Shkreli thought needs more money. this is what happened to the pill daraprim that people with weakened immune systems such as aids patients need. the pills were originally $13.50 […]

https://www.wired.com/story/fighting-high-drug-prices/ the most famous drug ceo Martin Shkreli increased the HIV pill price by  %5,000

all life is is school work then retirement.   i am confident that ice caps melting is a good thing because there will be more fresh water this will be an opportunity to provide fresh water for the water deprived societies protect their children’s future and the adults of today’s legacy

personal incredulity “The big bang theory makes no sense. How can there not be a time before the big bang? Scientists just made it all up to try and explain away God’s creation.” scapegoat bandwagon “Carling Lager, Britain’s Number One Lager” Bandwagon is a fallacy based on the assumption that the opinion of the majority is always valid false […]

zoom shot of character one sitting at a desk reading character twos marks follow shot in front of the character character two walking through the huge room towards one character reading his mark in a large room  building tension stationary shot one character stares at the other with a blank expression. building more tension follow […]